September 2, 2012

I Spy kid's Activity

My mother-in-law had made and sent this to my boys.

1 - Find a jar (preferably a plastic or one that won't brake)

2 - Fill half full with rice or beans or air soft gun pellets (like my mother-in-law did)

3 - Add small toys and knick knacks. You can use small button and button shapes found at craft stores, or small toys or even find these at Goodwill or thrift stores in small bags already an assortment.

4 - Hot Glue the lid shut so it won't make a mess!

5 - You can either play WITH your kids by asking them to find certain objects by naming them, or find an object that starts with a letter or sound, or have them tell YOU what they see! You can also make an ISPY card. To do that either find pictures of the items online and put on a Word Document and print (also can laminate and use wet erase markers for reuse!) and have them find the objects and mark them off when they have found it. Or you can take your own pictures of the actual items in the jar BEFORE you hot glue the lid shut!

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