May 25, 2011

Vinyl Tile Decor

This is an awesome decoration. You can add any words or shapes to a tile. Hang it or prop it up. Choose any color vinyl or tile.
Supplies Needed: Tile (from Home Depot) $0.75, Vinyl Sheets (Hobby Lobby) $8 for 2 long sheets that make approximately 8, Optional Cricut Machine... or it might be tough but a whole lot cheaper you can just print what you want out from your computer and trace it onto the vinyl and free hand cut with scissors.
Approximate Cost per tile = $2.00

May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Apron

Life has been crazy for me here. I was out of town for about 2 weeks. Vacation with my family! I got back and feel better than I did before! Still working on crafts and designs, but with one 3 month old baby and a 20 month toddler, it goes a little slower than I would like! =) New Designs will be out shortly and up for sale!

This is probably very sad but in my neighborhood community they had a Mother's day art project. Anything to get out of the house and have something to do with my kids. But my husband had to work later that day so he could not have made it. So, that's right, I made my own mother's day gift/craft! Really, there are not many crafts that a baby and toddler can make yet!

This may not look very cute... I did it with the supplies they had and all while holding my 3 month old baby in my arms! So I think it is not bad! Plus this could be really fun and cute for your kids to do! Since my kids can't really do much helping, I decided to trace one's hand and the other's foot! And though it may not be much, and I am the one that made it, it is sort of sentimental because of their cute tracings! Something to remember how small they were!

Supplies Used: 1 hand towel (any color)(about $2.5), Fabric Markers (about $1), Ribbon (about $0.50), Fabric Glue (about $2), and any other decorations you would want to use (jewels, sparkles, pictures, and maybe even take a small square or 2 of fabric and glue it on as a pocket)
Total Cost: $3 - $6 (depending on what you have already, could be less)