June 28, 2012

Pink Zebra Baby Shower Invites

Pink Zebra Baby Shower Invites for sale now!
(1) Customize your info and be sent this baby girl pink zebra baby shower invitation, ready to print!
(2) Or make a custom order for me to do all the dirty work for you (Print, Cut, Address, Mail and Send)

Pink Zebra Baby Invitations

Hair Tutorial: Half Up Messy Twist

Here is a video for a half up style with a messy twist. Let me know if you guys like it, and what type of hair style you want to see me do next! (Half-Up, All the way up, Down, etc.)
Thanks for Watching!

P.S. I am going to be showing a preview of my 2013 collection of ties, headbands, necklaces, pettiskirts, baby stuff, and lots more very soon! Everyone will have a chance to win a gift card and free stuff! So get ready for that and keep checking back!


June 25, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Scrunched Hair

HAHA - Don't you LOVE the picture that You Tube stops the video on?

Check out this video on how to scrunch your hair and give it a wavy/curly look!

Check out this additional video on how to scrunch your hair using a diffuser... (for added scrunch and waviness if you need more)