September 28, 2012

NEW PRODUCT & GIVEAWAY: Fall Polka Dot Necktie

Check out our new "Fall Polka Dot" Neckties!
$16 in our Etsy Shop

We are starting off our tie collection with the "Fall Polka Dot" necktie, and will have more options available soon, so check back!

We are so excited that we are giving away a FREE necktie (Any size) by October 12th! Check out the details on one of the pictures below!

Size neckties available:
Baby Onesie Tie: Iron-On Ready (Onesie not included)
Baby Tie: 6-12 months
Toddler Tie: 1-2 years (Normal & Pretied Available)
Lil Boy Tie: 2-4 years (Normal & Pretied Available)
Bib Boy Tie: 4-6 years (Normal & Pretied Available)
Lil Kid Tie: 6-8 years (Normal & Pretied Available)
Big Kid Tie: 8-10 years (Normal & Pretied Available)
Lil Man Tie: 10-14 years (Normal Available)
Men's Tie: 14 to Adult (Normal Available)

CUSTOM ORDERS ALSO AVAILABLE - You choose the fabric, we make the tie!
Click on the "Custom Order" tab, or send me a message with the details!

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