October 29, 2012

PVC Baby Floor Entertainer (CRAFT)

This craft is from and done by my friend, since I am currently 9 months pregnant with 2 little kiddos I have not been able to get the crafting done that I would have liked to!

I saw this PVC baby floor entertainer at my friend's house and thought it was soooo awesome! What a great idea to make one of these! I myself have already had two kids and never bought a floor play activity center because I never wanted to spend the money on it... and we were fine without it! BUT if I can make it and not spend all that money that the stores cost you, and you can put whatever toys on it that you want, and spray paint it any color you want... AWESOME!

PVC is quite simple to make, just go to Home Depot or Lowes and pick out how long you want each straight bar (Cut it yourself with a PVC pipe cutter or ask if someone there can cut it for you), and also the elbows (curved ones), and T ones to connect the straight bars, and buy some end caps and there you have it!

If anyone wants a more specific list, let me know!

October 22, 2012

Halloween Decorations for super cheap! (CRAFT)

So, this post is also from and done by my friend! Again, I am about to have my baby and not really been able to craft much! BUT I saw this at her house and asked her to take some pics for me!

1) The top picture is sooo cool! It hangs above their entertainment center and TV. Grab a dead branch from your tree, or a neighbors (ask first). Use string to tie onto the branch and hang to the ceiling. Cut out shapes of bats, or ghosts or pumpkins if you wish, out of black cardstock, bend to make more lively and use the string to tie to the branch, using different heights for more appeal. The great thing about this... you can keep the branch up year round if you want and add hearts at valentine's day, candy canes and ornaments or snowflakes at christmas, etc.

You only pay for the black cardstock, and string, IF you don't already have it. If you already have it then FREE!

2) Paper plates can be cut out to say "BOO" and use that same black cardstock you got before and make circles and make it look like eyes!

If you already have the paper places then FREE!

3) R.I.P. gravestones! These are made from Baby Diaper Cardboard boxes! Cut into the shape of a gravestone! Paint it Gray, or you could also use duct tape if you already had that. Use a black sharpie marker to write R.I.P. and also someone's name underneath and maybe even a year and saying if you want. My friend and her hubby were very clever in coming up with funny names! HA - I will blame the pregnancy brain, but it took me a minute or two before I got the joke... I thought it was someone's name I was supposed to know. "Kim O. Toedraggin" and "Constance Noring"!

FREE, unless you don't have gray paint or duct tape, or a marker!

October 12, 2012

Giveaway Contest Winner

Congratulations to Vivien Wade Van Leeuwen! You are the winner of our necktie giveaway! Please message me with size and contact info!
Did you miss the necktie giveaway???

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October 10, 2012

NECKTIE GIVEAWAY - ending soon

TOMORROW is the LAST DAY to enter the free necktie giveaway! If you have already entered you can enter AGAIN and get more of a chance to win!
1) "Like" our facebook page
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Winner will be picked at random (using a random number generator) on Friday October 12th at 8:00 AM

Winner will receive a "Fall Harvest Polka Dot" necktie ANY SIZE (Baby to Men's sizes)

October 1, 2012

Toddler Magnetic Travel Tray

When we went on our super long road trip this summer I wanted as many activities to entertain the kids as possible. One of the ideas was a magnetic travel tray. I bought $1 small cookie sheets from the dollar store, that fit on their laps. I bought magnetic clips to hold their drawings and papers, and wanted to let them color, but that never sounds like a good idea when in the car, to give your children lots of objects that easily fall off and make messes... so I bought a $1 first aid kit (walmart) and added stick on magnets to the back and emptied out the bandaids and first aid items (kept them for use, so you really get more use out of your money spent). Add the crayons to the box and you are all ready to go with ALMOST no spills, as much as one can with toddlers and kids!
The great thing about this... you can use the crayon magnetic box to hold lots of other objects as well... like magnets for example. There are soooo many uses for this tray...
Magnetic Paper Doll
Magnetic Puzzles
Chalkboard (just spray paint the board with chalkboard spray paint)
Food Tray (Help to keep food on their laps and easier to eat if you are on a road trip and don't want to take time to stop to eat. I suggest when on a long road trip to make those stops at eating times but just to let the kids play and get energy out, then let them eat in the car and make the time go by faster in the car!)
Other Magnetic Games (Possibilities are endless)

See look... no messes made when moved around!