January 28, 2011

Kid's ABC Wall Decor Craft

My sister sent me a wonderful surprise! She made these awesome ABC wall decorations for my kid's room!

Materials used:
Blank Canvas ($3 for 8"x10", or $4 for 11"x14" at Walmart)
Paint ($1)
Different colored paper to be cut into shapes

Approx Cost: $10 -$12 (depending on size of canvas)

January 20, 2011

Picture Magnet Craft

From my sister's family we were given these picture magnets to put on our refrigerator! I think these are awesome because we do not live near their family anymore and I love my little boy can play with the magnets and get to see them and recognise them, since he can't see them very often!

They can made in different ways... with the whole family, per person, or any way you can think of. You can take the heads or you could even add different clothes or hats, so you can have fun dressing the pictures up.
The great thing about magnet crafts is that you can make anything into a magnet just by adding the magnet with a sticky back. Just peel and stick, then put on your fridge.

Materials used:
Picture (approx. $0.15 per picture)
Sticky Back Magnet (approx. $1 for 5"x8" magnet strip)
OPTIONAL: Can also just add a magnet button to just about anything to turn it into a magnet and stick it to the fridge. Magnet buttons can be found at walmart for approx. $0.11 per magnet button with sticky back. (18 for $2)

Approx. Cost: $1.30 per 2 pictures, or $0.65 per picture

January 7, 2011

Toddler Bed Made

My wonderful husband had plenty of time over Christmas Break. Since I am expecting our second baby boy very soon (February), we thought it was time for our little boy Bryce (now 16 months) to start sleeping in a Toddler Bed. My husband, Tyson, made this bed for him!

Bryce tested it out by laying down...

.... By jumping....

.... and finally by actually sleeping in it... (I am proud to say he now sleeps in it all the time and loves it still!)

COST to make: Approx. $35 dollars
SUPPLIES: Wood from Home Depot
Skill Saw
Sand paper
Paint from Home Depot
TIME: 3 hours to put bed together, plus putty on some parts to make it smoother, sanding & painting. Overall time approx. 6 hours

January 4, 2011

Home Video DVD Gift Idea

I made this gift for each of my family member's and their families this year for Christmas. But this gift could be given to them anytime. Also, this could be a long process, so I suggest starting it now! I turned our VHS home videos that my mom had into DVD home videos, so each of my sisters and I could have them and view them anytime, and not be on VHS!

COST: Varies depending on how many DVD's you wish you make.
SUPPLIES: I used Pinnacle Systems DVD recorder (from Best Buy) $50
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro $50
Blank DVD's (Varies, depending on how many you buy or need - Approx. $22 for 100 DVD's)
CD cover sleeves (from Walmart) Approx. 25 sleeves for $5
Print the details of each movie on Microsoft Publisher's CD covers as you see below and glue to each DVD.
If anyone wants to try it out, let me know if you need help or get stuck!