August 27, 2011

Hair Tutorials: Beach Wave

This hairstyle is super fast and easy, which is so great for being a mom or in a hurry! Hope you enjoy!

August 8, 2011

Refrigerator Note Pad

I ran out of paper in my Refrigerator notepad. I keep my list of groceries there. I decided to make my own since I already had the materials. It may not have cost much to get a new one, but it didn't cost me anything! And you could make your own style, personalized with a name and cute paper, and whatever size you want!

Supplies Needed:
I used the back of a constuction paper pad and cut it up or cardboard (from a box?).
For the paper I used Scratch Paper that I had (Paper I had already printed on or my kids colored on but the other side has not been used, but you can use any.
I hot glued the paper to the top, and used paper clips to keep it together as it dried. Haha, I actually left the paper clips on for extra support since it is being covered anyway!
I used my sewing machinge with no thread in it to perferate the paper so it can tear easily.
Mod Podge a cool paper to the back and front of the cardboard.
Add a ribbon and bow, or whatever else you want. Use what you have, save money!
Add a magnet (hot glue or double sided tape) to the back and put on your refrigerator. (I used the magnet from my other notepad)

August 6, 2011

Sweet Treat Template

I made this for my monthly visiting teaching, and decided it was so cute to make my own template for it. This is what I made below and below that is the template I made and one that you can custom make by adding words to it.

Please excuse the ribbon fray... I didn't have smaller ribbons that I wanted to use for this so I just cut one big one up!

Directions: Copy and Paste onto Microsoft Publisher (Publisher works best when adding words, but you can also use Microsoft Word).
Type in your own words, quotes, thoughts or whatever you want to say! You can use this template for any theme or purpose.
Cut out around each object... basically cut off all the white.
Cut out the hole.
punch holes at the top of the quote bubbles, and also above the cut out hole, and in the extra brown rectangles.
Put ribbon through the extra brown rectangle holes to tie a bow.
Use a Brad to attach the bubbles to cover the hole.
Bend the main Sweet Treat bag at the lines (3 of them)
Either use a snack bag, or cut your sandwich bag in half. Fill with candies. Staple to the folded bag to close shut.
Glue the extra brown rectangle with ribbon to the top (to cover the staple and add prettiness.
The end.