October 17, 2015

Prekinder Math Books - Coming Soon!

I have gone through several programs in teaching my kids school, and have combined my favorite types of learning to create some teaching books! Every child learns differently, and in using my books, you can use whatever works best for your child!

Each grade and subject will have THREE different books to learn from. Each book will cover all your child needs to learn in that grade and subject.

One book will be a "Learning Book" where you can sit anywhere and read and look at it with your child and teach them, or test them to see where they are.

Another book will be the "Workbook" where your child can write in it as they practice and learn.

The last book will be the "Activity Book" where most children will learn best. It includes games, hands on activities, and crafts to learn.

You can laminate each book so it can be reused for each child! I even laminate the workbook and my children use dry erase markers and crayons!

Each book has a place to put a sticker on it so they can mark it off if they have mastered and completed it. This really helps the kids to see that they do not need to work on that page anymore and they can see what they have learned! This also helps the parent as they can see what they do not need to work on anymore! The focus on these books is for your child to LEARN, and not just to get through a program!

I have just finished the Prekinder Math Books. I am offering to a limited few the opportunity to receive the full PreKinder Math program for FREE for testing it and giving me feedback! Let me know if you would be interested! Prekinder English (Reading, Writing, Spelling) will be coming soon, so let me know if you are interested in that as well!

October 16, 2015

Reading Reward Chart

My kids had SUCH a hard time WANTING to read! Finally I came up with this reward chart that we laminated and we keep it on our fridge! Let them choose a reward to write in that they can work toward!
Once they have read and marked off all the books they can get their reward!
It can be as easy as a piece of candy, candy bar, or you could make it nicer such as a trip to the dollar store to pick out anything they want! If they need to be motivated, give them a nicer reward the first time, and change it up each time you go through it. My kids are currently working toward a trip to the dollar store! They have actually WANTED to read, not only during the day, but at night time as well! They have improved in their reading as well! Hoping it helps you too!

Download it for FREE at:

Pre-K - TeachersPayTeachers.com