September 10, 2012

Growth Chart - That Folds Down

I wanted to make a growth chart for my kids... BUT I didn't want a wooden one at first because we will be moving alot (Air Force) and a huge long wooden board just sounds hard to move and awkward to place. so... here is what I came up with:

1 - Go to home depot (or another place) and get a 7 foot wood board piece. Try to get the nicer wood with not as many cracks and holes since you will be displaying it and not just making something with it. If you will be making it like I did (foldable), then have someone at home depot cut the wood piece in half for you.

2 - Buy 2 hinges (for the back of the wood so it can bend) and also 2 pieces of hardware to hang the wood piece up on your wall.

3 - On the back of the wood piece, at the top, screw in the hardware to hang the wood piece up on your wall.

4 - Put the two wood pieces together. On the back screw in the hinges so that the two wood pieces are connected as closely as possibly (touching) and when you fold the board down it closes in the direction you want it to close.

5 - Paint the wood piece.

6 - Cut out the numbers (1-7) and wording that you want (I put "Growing Up Hyer" since our last name is Hyer), and the lines to mark feet and inches. You could also just stencil or paint. I used my cricut to cut this out.

7 - Use Mod Podge or glue, to paste everything where you want it on the board. Mod Podge the whole thing to give it a polished finished look.

8 - Measure 1 foot from the floor (since you are starting with the 1 foot number) and hang up your growth chart! Use permanant markers to mark the date and name of the child's height!

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