October 17, 2011

No Heat Headband Curls

No Heat (or use a blow dryer) curls. All you need is a headband!
The Results:

Here is the HOW TO video:

September 28, 2011

Dry Erase Board

Take any photo frame and put in some cute paper instead of a picture! Use it to make lists on, using dry erase markers!

September 5, 2011

Hair Tutorial: French Braid Side Pony

You can start with straight hair, or "Beach Wave" hair (See previous tutorial).

Please post your comments and thoughts!!

August 27, 2011

Hair Tutorials: Beach Wave

This hairstyle is super fast and easy, which is so great for being a mom or in a hurry! Hope you enjoy!

August 8, 2011

Refrigerator Note Pad

I ran out of paper in my Refrigerator notepad. I keep my list of groceries there. I decided to make my own since I already had the materials. It may not have cost much to get a new one, but it didn't cost me anything! And you could make your own style, personalized with a name and cute paper, and whatever size you want!

Supplies Needed:
I used the back of a constuction paper pad and cut it up or cardboard (from a box?).
For the paper I used Scratch Paper that I had (Paper I had already printed on or my kids colored on but the other side has not been used, but you can use any.
I hot glued the paper to the top, and used paper clips to keep it together as it dried. Haha, I actually left the paper clips on for extra support since it is being covered anyway!
I used my sewing machinge with no thread in it to perferate the paper so it can tear easily.
Mod Podge a cool paper to the back and front of the cardboard.
Add a ribbon and bow, or whatever else you want. Use what you have, save money!
Add a magnet (hot glue or double sided tape) to the back and put on your refrigerator. (I used the magnet from my other notepad)

August 6, 2011

Sweet Treat Template

I made this for my monthly visiting teaching, and decided it was so cute to make my own template for it. This is what I made below and below that is the template I made and one that you can custom make by adding words to it.

Please excuse the ribbon fray... I didn't have smaller ribbons that I wanted to use for this so I just cut one big one up!

Directions: Copy and Paste onto Microsoft Publisher (Publisher works best when adding words, but you can also use Microsoft Word).
Type in your own words, quotes, thoughts or whatever you want to say! You can use this template for any theme or purpose.
Cut out around each object... basically cut off all the white.
Cut out the hole.
punch holes at the top of the quote bubbles, and also above the cut out hole, and in the extra brown rectangles.
Put ribbon through the extra brown rectangle holes to tie a bow.
Use a Brad to attach the bubbles to cover the hole.
Bend the main Sweet Treat bag at the lines (3 of them)
Either use a snack bag, or cut your sandwich bag in half. Fill with candies. Staple to the folded bag to close shut.
Glue the extra brown rectangle with ribbon to the top (to cover the staple and add prettiness.
The end.

July 22, 2011

Wall Coat Hanger

This was so super easy to make and I love that it turned out exactly like I wanted! I saw something at Hobby Lobby like this that I liked, and decided to make one like it! You can make it any color or design you want!

Supplies Needed: One piece of wood (I used 24"x7 1/4"x1" from Home Depot) Cost about $2, Mod Podge, Paper, Door Knobs (Home Depot)(About $2 each at Home Depot, or more, can also get some fun door knobs at hobby lobby), Drill, Wall Hangers(2). You could also just paint it if you want a plain color!
Approximate Cost: $10-12

June 1, 2011

Yarn & Rosette Wreath

This was just my first one I did, but it is great because you can change it to any color yarn and rosette and center of rosette... basically very personalized. Or even use other ribbons and things to decorate. Or decorate according to holiday! Hang directly on your door, or attach a ribbon that it hangs from.

Supplies needed: Yarn (2 different colors), Ribbon or Fabric (about 2 inches width and 3 foot in length, buttons or jewels for the center of the fabric flowers, Foam Wreath Frame (Hobby Lobby), Hot glue gun
Directions: Hot Glue the start of the yarn onto the wreath frame. Wrap continually to cover completely until the end and hot glue. With a different color yarn start by hot glueing, wrap with a great distance between each wrap and hot glue the end. For the rosette, twist the ribbon or fabric and begin to wrap, hot glue, then wrap, hot glue, wrap then tuck the end under and hot glue (when you get to how big of a flower you want). Hot glue center jewel or button. Hot glue Rosettes onto the Wreath.

May 25, 2011

Vinyl Tile Decor

This is an awesome decoration. You can add any words or shapes to a tile. Hang it or prop it up. Choose any color vinyl or tile.
Supplies Needed: Tile (from Home Depot) $0.75, Vinyl Sheets (Hobby Lobby) $8 for 2 long sheets that make approximately 8, Optional Cricut Machine... or it might be tough but a whole lot cheaper you can just print what you want out from your computer and trace it onto the vinyl and free hand cut with scissors.
Approximate Cost per tile = $2.00

May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Apron

Life has been crazy for me here. I was out of town for about 2 weeks. Vacation with my family! I got back and feel better than I did before! Still working on crafts and designs, but with one 3 month old baby and a 20 month toddler, it goes a little slower than I would like! =) New Designs will be out shortly and up for sale!

This is probably very sad but in my neighborhood community they had a Mother's day art project. Anything to get out of the house and have something to do with my kids. But my husband had to work later that day so he could not have made it. So, that's right, I made my own mother's day gift/craft! Really, there are not many crafts that a baby and toddler can make yet!

This may not look very cute... I did it with the supplies they had and all while holding my 3 month old baby in my arms! So I think it is not bad! Plus this could be really fun and cute for your kids to do! Since my kids can't really do much helping, I decided to trace one's hand and the other's foot! And though it may not be much, and I am the one that made it, it is sort of sentimental because of their cute tracings! Something to remember how small they were!

Supplies Used: 1 hand towel (any color)(about $2.5), Fabric Markers (about $1), Ribbon (about $0.50), Fabric Glue (about $2), and any other decorations you would want to use (jewels, sparkles, pictures, and maybe even take a small square or 2 of fabric and glue it on as a pocket)
Total Cost: $3 - $6 (depending on what you have already, could be less)

March 9, 2011

Name Wall Decor

I have been working on this project for awhile now. But ever since I moved, and recently had a baby (January 31st), I haven't been able to complete it. Finally I have! I made this for my son Bryce. The great thing about it is you can spell out anything, and you can put it vertical, horizontal, staggered or whatever fits certain areas. Now I need something for my new baby boy Preston! =)

Supplies Needed: Circle pieces of Wood ($1 each, Walmart), Paper cut into a letter (Approx. $0.05 per letter), Ribbon (Approx. $0.10 per ribbon cut), Paint ($1 per bottle, approx $0.05 per wood piece), Mod Podge ($4.47 per 8 oz., approx. $0.15 per piece), paintbrush, glue gun
Directions: Paint the wood pieces and let dry. After cutting the letter out of paper, use a paintbrush to brush mod podge in the area you will put the letter. Quickly wet the letter with water and lay it down on the wood piece so it is smooth. Brush Mod Podge over the whole front surface to seal it. (It will dry clear). After it is dry, cut the ribbon to desired hanging length. Use a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to the back of the wood piece. Hang on the wall, using a nail, in any place you would like, to fit whatever space you would like!
Total Cost: $1.35 per wood letter piece

February 4, 2011

Airplane Party Favor Craft

I recently went to a baby shower where they had these cute airplane candy party favors! I love this idea, especially for the pilot community that I am currently living in... on an Air Force Base! But this is such a great idea for lots of other parties or places as well!

1 stick of gum (can also cover the gum with paper if you have a color scheme)($0.20 )
1 rubber band ($0.05)
2 life saver candies ($0.10)
1 Smarties Love Heart candy (could also use some other candy in this shape) ($0.20)

Approx. Cost for project: $0.55 per airplane

January 28, 2011

Kid's ABC Wall Decor Craft

My sister sent me a wonderful surprise! She made these awesome ABC wall decorations for my kid's room!

Materials used:
Blank Canvas ($3 for 8"x10", or $4 for 11"x14" at Walmart)
Paint ($1)
Different colored paper to be cut into shapes

Approx Cost: $10 -$12 (depending on size of canvas)

January 20, 2011

Picture Magnet Craft

From my sister's family we were given these picture magnets to put on our refrigerator! I think these are awesome because we do not live near their family anymore and I love my little boy can play with the magnets and get to see them and recognise them, since he can't see them very often!

They can made in different ways... with the whole family, per person, or any way you can think of. You can take the heads or you could even add different clothes or hats, so you can have fun dressing the pictures up.
The great thing about magnet crafts is that you can make anything into a magnet just by adding the magnet with a sticky back. Just peel and stick, then put on your fridge.

Materials used:
Picture (approx. $0.15 per picture)
Sticky Back Magnet (approx. $1 for 5"x8" magnet strip)
OPTIONAL: Can also just add a magnet button to just about anything to turn it into a magnet and stick it to the fridge. Magnet buttons can be found at walmart for approx. $0.11 per magnet button with sticky back. (18 for $2)

Approx. Cost: $1.30 per 2 pictures, or $0.65 per picture

January 7, 2011

Toddler Bed Made

My wonderful husband had plenty of time over Christmas Break. Since I am expecting our second baby boy very soon (February), we thought it was time for our little boy Bryce (now 16 months) to start sleeping in a Toddler Bed. My husband, Tyson, made this bed for him!

Bryce tested it out by laying down...

.... By jumping....

.... and finally by actually sleeping in it... (I am proud to say he now sleeps in it all the time and loves it still!)

COST to make: Approx. $35 dollars
SUPPLIES: Wood from Home Depot
Skill Saw
Sand paper
Paint from Home Depot
TIME: 3 hours to put bed together, plus putty on some parts to make it smoother, sanding & painting. Overall time approx. 6 hours

January 4, 2011

Home Video DVD Gift Idea

I made this gift for each of my family member's and their families this year for Christmas. But this gift could be given to them anytime. Also, this could be a long process, so I suggest starting it now! I turned our VHS home videos that my mom had into DVD home videos, so each of my sisters and I could have them and view them anytime, and not be on VHS!

COST: Varies depending on how many DVD's you wish you make.
SUPPLIES: I used Pinnacle Systems DVD recorder (from Best Buy) $50
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro $50
Blank DVD's (Varies, depending on how many you buy or need - Approx. $22 for 100 DVD's)
CD cover sleeves (from Walmart) Approx. 25 sleeves for $5
Print the details of each movie on Microsoft Publisher's CD covers as you see below and glue to each DVD.
If anyone wants to try it out, let me know if you need help or get stuck!