January 27, 2013

Preschool Activity Binder (Preschool)

I love binders. You can add and take away. You can keep things organized and out of site and stress free. It is also convenient for teaching kids!
I have so many ideas and am just getting started.
One idea is to have a binder of actual preschool learning activities. Something that is fun and entertaining for the kids... Teaches them.... A great entertainer for road trips... And I can use it to teach them more than if they were to do it on their own!

Here are a couple of easy starters. Though not looking great since from my phone and not completely laminated. More ideas to come.

1) shapes and colors matching - ask child to find the shapes, then the colors, or they can do it for fun by themselves.
(I used Velcro on this)

2) upper and lowercase letter matching - have the child pick a letter, tell them what the letter is and the sound it makes and have them repeat the sound and find the small letter that matches the big letter.
(I taped metal paper clips to the back, and put magnets on the letters, so it stays on the spot you want which is great for traveling, and it is silent, unlike Velcro, which is great for church or other quiet places.

More to come.