June 1, 2011

Yarn & Rosette Wreath

This was just my first one I did, but it is great because you can change it to any color yarn and rosette and center of rosette... basically very personalized. Or even use other ribbons and things to decorate. Or decorate according to holiday! Hang directly on your door, or attach a ribbon that it hangs from.

Supplies needed: Yarn (2 different colors), Ribbon or Fabric (about 2 inches width and 3 foot in length, buttons or jewels for the center of the fabric flowers, Foam Wreath Frame (Hobby Lobby), Hot glue gun
Directions: Hot Glue the start of the yarn onto the wreath frame. Wrap continually to cover completely until the end and hot glue. With a different color yarn start by hot glueing, wrap with a great distance between each wrap and hot glue the end. For the rosette, twist the ribbon or fabric and begin to wrap, hot glue, then wrap, hot glue, wrap then tuck the end under and hot glue (when you get to how big of a flower you want). Hot glue center jewel or button. Hot glue Rosettes onto the Wreath.