September 24, 2012

Pillow Case Toddler Travel Bed

I made these for my two kids this summer since we went on a long road trip to visit family! They worked great!! And my kids slept great!!

1 - Buy 4 pillows (Walmart $2.00 each), Buy 4 pillow cases (Walmart $1.00 each). Total cost = $12.00 if you don't have any pillows or pillow cases! If you already have those items then cost = FREE!

2 - Sew the pillow cases long lengths together.

3 - Insert the pillows into the pillow cases. (I did not sew them shut because it is easier to take them out and put them into normal cases if you want to, or to clean them)

4 - When it is time to sleep, just fold one pillow under so the head is up higher. Even doing this there should be plenty of room for your toddler child! Testing it out in the picture above is my 3 year old and he had plenty of room!

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