April 9, 2012

No Water Mess Bubbles

This is so fun to do! Let your kids play in bubbles without all the watery mess or bubble solution mess! Simply follow the directions below and blow into the top where you normally drink from. A long snake bubble will begin to appear. Continue to blow and make it as long as you can, or shake it off and let your kids play with it! Put it on your face to make beards or stomp on it on the ground! Preparing it once will last more than one blow too! DO NOT breathe in the air because it WILL make bubbles that come toward your mouth!

Supplies needed:
One empty water bottle with cap off (Cut off the bottom)
2 rubber bands (to hold the washcloth on)
1 washcloth (to cover the cut off end and held with rubber bands)
small amount of water
small amount of dish soap

Cut off the bottom of the empty water bottle and place the washrag on the cut off end. Secure with 2 rubberbands. Dip the end with washcloth in water or just soake the wash cloth in water. Put dish soap on the wash rag and use your fingers to spread it around the cloth. This will last a good while before you have to get more soap or water on it!

April 5, 2012

Magnetic Learning and Travel Games

So, I had an idea for something to keep my kids entertained in the car as we travel, that would not be messy! Here is what I came up with....

I just made a shape sorter and race track to see if this would work... but really you can do anything! The kids can learn this way, or just have fun!
The possiblities are endless!

Cut outs of shapes, animals, or whatever else you want (I just printed mine out then cute)
Self-Laminating sheets (to laminate the small pieces)
Small craft magnets for the back of the items
Stove Top burner covers (magnets will stick to these)
Either printed paper & mod podge, or printable magnetic paper for the background (I originally tried the magnetic paper, thinking I could just swap out the background and keep the same stove top burner cover. This DOES work, but I discovered the stove top covers stack sooo well, so it is your choice!)

They stack so well... it won't take up any more room than one, but you can actually have lots!

Look online for ideas... you can use similar ideas as a file folder game... but these seemed to me easier as well as less messy since they magnetize very well!