August 16, 2012

PVC Toddler Chair

I am so glad that I made these! I have been wanting toddler table and chairs for FOREVER! BUT I am pretty cheap I guess and could never get myself to spend all that money on kid's table and chairs... the cost always just seemed too high. BUT this past weekend I bought that table you see for $11 at Target (On sale, but normally I think only $14 or $15! And NO, it actually is NOT a toddler or child table... it is a side table, but at the perfect height for a kid table! There is a side table at IKEA for a good price as well, but unfortunately we currently don't have one near by and haven't driven recently to a city that has one!

Next I had to think about chairs... my boys were so excited to have a table, but they couldn't use it because we had no chairs! So, I got to experience my first PVC pipe project! My boys were so excited to pick out the football fabric and also help me put their table and chairs together! What a fun project to do together!

MATERIALS needed for ONE toddler PVC pipe chair:

- One 10' PVC pipe 3/4" ($2.18) - buy the stronger kind. Have someone at Home Depot cut the pieces for you, or take it home to cut it yourself. Cut 7 pieces at 10", 2 pieces at 6", 4 pieces at 4", and 4 pieces at 5"
- 8 elbow pieces 3/4" ($0.47 each, total $3.76)
- 6 tee shaped pieces 3/4" ($0.47 each, total $2.82)
- One piece of fabric cut 29.5" x 17.5". Fold hot dog style so you see WRONG side of fabric and sew along the one long edge so the front and back are sewn together (1/2" seams). Iron so the part you just sewed is centered. Sew along ONE smaller edge. Turn inside out. Fold smaller edges down toward back side 3" and sew TWO times so there is more wear and tear! You are done! Make the edge that you sewed before turning inside out (the more finished side) be put at the top of the chair since that is what people can see.
- Black Spray Paint ($3.48)

TOTAL price for ONE toddler PVC Pipe Chair: $8.76 if you already have cloth and spray paint, or don't want to spray paint it! If you have absolutely nothing then $12.24 PLUS the cost of whatever material you choose!

If you choose NOT to spray paint it, OR choose to spray paint it a lighter color then here is a tip: you can use ACETONE to remove the black wording from the PVC pipe!

Putting the chair together is actually pretty simple! Just by looking at the pictures above you can see where the elbow fits to the 10" piece and so forth. Basically for the BACK of the chair you will have the 10" long piece on top with the elbow pieces connecting it to the sides. Then along the sides will go 6" , TEE piece, then 4", TEE piece, then 5", elbow to the 10" which makes the bottom leg of the chair.

If anyone wants a detailed tutorial on the PVC pipe part, or the cloth backing, LET ME KNOW!

Also, if anyone is not handy with the sewing machine or crafting... this CAN be a CUSTOM ORDER!

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