January 4, 2011

Home Video DVD Gift Idea

I made this gift for each of my family member's and their families this year for Christmas. But this gift could be given to them anytime. Also, this could be a long process, so I suggest starting it now! I turned our VHS home videos that my mom had into DVD home videos, so each of my sisters and I could have them and view them anytime, and not be on VHS!

COST: Varies depending on how many DVD's you wish you make.
SUPPLIES: I used Pinnacle Systems DVD recorder (from Best Buy) $50
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro $50
Blank DVD's (Varies, depending on how many you buy or need - Approx. $22 for 100 DVD's)
CD cover sleeves (from Walmart) Approx. 25 sleeves for $5
Print the details of each movie on Microsoft Publisher's CD covers as you see below and glue to each DVD.
If anyone wants to try it out, let me know if you need help or get stuck!

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