August 8, 2011

Refrigerator Note Pad

I ran out of paper in my Refrigerator notepad. I keep my list of groceries there. I decided to make my own since I already had the materials. It may not have cost much to get a new one, but it didn't cost me anything! And you could make your own style, personalized with a name and cute paper, and whatever size you want!

Supplies Needed:
I used the back of a constuction paper pad and cut it up or cardboard (from a box?).
For the paper I used Scratch Paper that I had (Paper I had already printed on or my kids colored on but the other side has not been used, but you can use any.
I hot glued the paper to the top, and used paper clips to keep it together as it dried. Haha, I actually left the paper clips on for extra support since it is being covered anyway!
I used my sewing machinge with no thread in it to perferate the paper so it can tear easily.
Mod Podge a cool paper to the back and front of the cardboard.
Add a ribbon and bow, or whatever else you want. Use what you have, save money!
Add a magnet (hot glue or double sided tape) to the back and put on your refrigerator. (I used the magnet from my other notepad)

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