January 7, 2011

Toddler Bed Made

My wonderful husband had plenty of time over Christmas Break. Since I am expecting our second baby boy very soon (February), we thought it was time for our little boy Bryce (now 16 months) to start sleeping in a Toddler Bed. My husband, Tyson, made this bed for him!

Bryce tested it out by laying down...

.... By jumping....

.... and finally by actually sleeping in it... (I am proud to say he now sleeps in it all the time and loves it still!)

COST to make: Approx. $35 dollars
SUPPLIES: Wood from Home Depot
Skill Saw
Sand paper
Paint from Home Depot
TIME: 3 hours to put bed together, plus putty on some parts to make it smoother, sanding & painting. Overall time approx. 6 hours

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