March 9, 2011

Name Wall Decor

I have been working on this project for awhile now. But ever since I moved, and recently had a baby (January 31st), I haven't been able to complete it. Finally I have! I made this for my son Bryce. The great thing about it is you can spell out anything, and you can put it vertical, horizontal, staggered or whatever fits certain areas. Now I need something for my new baby boy Preston! =)

Supplies Needed: Circle pieces of Wood ($1 each, Walmart), Paper cut into a letter (Approx. $0.05 per letter), Ribbon (Approx. $0.10 per ribbon cut), Paint ($1 per bottle, approx $0.05 per wood piece), Mod Podge ($4.47 per 8 oz., approx. $0.15 per piece), paintbrush, glue gun
Directions: Paint the wood pieces and let dry. After cutting the letter out of paper, use a paintbrush to brush mod podge in the area you will put the letter. Quickly wet the letter with water and lay it down on the wood piece so it is smooth. Brush Mod Podge over the whole front surface to seal it. (It will dry clear). After it is dry, cut the ribbon to desired hanging length. Use a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to the back of the wood piece. Hang on the wall, using a nail, in any place you would like, to fit whatever space you would like!
Total Cost: $1.35 per wood letter piece

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