December 29, 2010

Christmas Stocking Craft - First Attempt

My first attempt, sad but true, at making Christmas stockings! Sad because I had originally wanted to make nice stockings with nice material and our names on it! However, it came down to Christmas Eve night and I realized that we had no stockings (unfortunately due to our last move, our stockings are lost =( ). So, I whipped these together last minute Christmas Eve night! And you know what? They worked! And I was pretty proud of them, just for making them! I still plan on making some nice ones for our family... but in case you want to make some nice ones for your family for next year, here is the template!
This is the original. From this just tape a piece of paper next to it and extend the lines to the left (straight lines) to make the rest of the stocking. 11 inches. This will also need a line drawn around the outside (1/2 inch) for sewing allowance. Or you can see the next template.

This is the same stocking with the already drawn 1/2 inch allowance. Doing the same thing though, extend 11 inches, straight lines to make the rest of the stocking.
Just cut 2 pieces of material for the stocking (You will just need 1/4 yard for ONE stocking), or added material if you wish to add different material to the top.
Sew the tops down about 1/4 inch so the tops do not fray or look bad.
Sew with the print-side or good-side inward and facing eachother. Sew on the inner line (1/2 inch from the edge). Turn inside-out. Voila! Done!
Can also add embroidered names to material before sewing. Can also add ribbons, jewels, additional materials, and so forth to individualize.
Hint: Wait for sales at fabric stores (usually there is a sale every holiday weekend) or sign up online for fabric store sign ups and they will send you coupons.

GOOD reasons to make your own stockings:
CHEAPER (Depending on the material used)

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