December 23, 2010

Christmas Wreath Craft

This season, the cheapest wreath I could find was at Walmart for $15. I just kept thinking I could do better. I know $15 isn't much! But I was determined not to spend much on decorations for Christmas this year! So, I made this wreath for about HALF the price! Not bad... and I felt pretty good about myself for not spending much and saving money, and also for making something for our home!
$2 for a plain wreath not decorated - Walmart
$4 on the red decorations ($1 each) - Walmart
$1 on the green ornaments - Walmart
(I also used the green Christmas ribbon at the top to make a bow. I spent a couple of dollars on a whole roll of it, so I can use it for other stuff, or you can use whatever ribbon or other Christmas colored object and just HOT GLUE it to the wreath! I also didnt have a wreath holder so I did end up buying the one you see in the picture for $2 at Walmart)
TOTAL PRICE for the wreath: $7

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