December 22, 2010

Holiday Organizer Craft

Here is an idea that you can make for yourself or give to someone. My visiting teacher made this for me! Basically you can use it to organize your holidays or change the color scheme and you can use it for another holiday or whenever! Another GREAT idea would be to use this for some kind of church or other organization! I saw this same idea that someone else had on the internet which looked exactly like this, only they used it in Relief Society Meeting at their church. In the month of December (or again, just change the color scheme for other months), they used the different pockets for handouts for the ladies or members... such as Lesson/Thought, Attendance, Newsletter/Calendar, and handout for the next activity. You just pass it around to everyone during church and they can take the handouts.

Supplies needed:
1 Folder with pockets (using the background color you want)
Different designed and colored paper - just cut and paste
glue stick
Printed words for each section (or just use a pen)
Can also use Christmas stickers and shapes (cricut or print & cut)

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