October 1, 2012

Toddler Magnetic Travel Tray

When we went on our super long road trip this summer I wanted as many activities to entertain the kids as possible. One of the ideas was a magnetic travel tray. I bought $1 small cookie sheets from the dollar store, that fit on their laps. I bought magnetic clips to hold their drawings and papers, and wanted to let them color, but that never sounds like a good idea when in the car, to give your children lots of objects that easily fall off and make messes... so I bought a $1 first aid kit (walmart) and added stick on magnets to the back and emptied out the bandaids and first aid items (kept them for use, so you really get more use out of your money spent). Add the crayons to the box and you are all ready to go with ALMOST no spills, as much as one can with toddlers and kids!
The great thing about this... you can use the crayon magnetic box to hold lots of other objects as well... like magnets for example. There are soooo many uses for this tray...
Magnetic Paper Doll
Magnetic Puzzles
Chalkboard (just spray paint the board with chalkboard spray paint)
Food Tray (Help to keep food on their laps and easier to eat if you are on a road trip and don't want to take time to stop to eat. I suggest when on a long road trip to make those stops at eating times but just to let the kids play and get energy out, then let them eat in the car and make the time go by faster in the car!)
Other Magnetic Games (Possibilities are endless)

See look... no messes made when moved around!

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