October 29, 2012

PVC Baby Floor Entertainer (CRAFT)

This craft is from and done by my friend, since I am currently 9 months pregnant with 2 little kiddos I have not been able to get the crafting done that I would have liked to!

I saw this PVC baby floor entertainer at my friend's house and thought it was soooo awesome! What a great idea to make one of these! I myself have already had two kids and never bought a floor play activity center because I never wanted to spend the money on it... and we were fine without it! BUT if I can make it and not spend all that money that the stores cost you, and you can put whatever toys on it that you want, and spray paint it any color you want... AWESOME!

PVC is quite simple to make, just go to Home Depot or Lowes and pick out how long you want each straight bar (Cut it yourself with a PVC pipe cutter or ask if someone there can cut it for you), and also the elbows (curved ones), and T ones to connect the straight bars, and buy some end caps and there you have it!

If anyone wants a more specific list, let me know!

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